Halong Bay

04 July 2018

World famous Halong Bay attracts tourists from all over the world. Even if it takes 3 hours of the bus ride from the country's capital city Hanoi, people still come here in large groups. UNESCO inscribed some 1600 Halong Bay islands on the World Heritage List in 1994. You can book a tour for 1 or 2 days with overnight boat trip. Different packages are available for your selection from economy to luxury class, so choose wisely the one you want to enjoy.

My 6 hours cruise in Halong started with a preview of spectacular landscape and countless boats with tourists throughout the bay, I even wondered how they manage not to collide. The islands stretch farther than the eye can see. Halong is written as “Ha Long” in Vietnamese and translates to English as “descending dragon”. Each island topped with jungle vegetation, rising gloriously from the sea. At the first stop we descended on one of the islands. Many islands in the bay have caves and the cave of this specific island is the most popular among the tourists. Welcome to the Thien Cung Grotto, which was discovered recently by explorers. Cave is lighten up and looks like a museum made by nature. On our next stop I did hiking to the top of the hill to get views around the bay. View from the top is so unique, isn’t it? There are only 4 fishing villages in Halong Bay, as well as tourists facilities like hotels and beaches. Halong Bay is protected from development in order to save the landscape of the heritage zone. Halong Bay has developed in a warm, wet, tropical climate over a period of 20 million years. I was really happy to experience this 1 day trip to Halong Bay, so you should do too. Once you are in Hanoi don’t be lazy and come here, because it's worth a day of your life.
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