Guangxi province part 2

12 September 2017

After spending couple of days in Longsheng rice terraces I went to Yangshuo, a small town in the middle of the karst peaks, which is about 3 hours drive. Interesting fact that one single region has two such a different, yet impressive landscapes. I think it is a unique place, so let me show you part 2 of my story in the region of Guangxi.

Typical scenes around the town of Yangshuo in Guangxi province are dramatic karst terrain, fields of rice and corn, farmers with buffalos, rivers and lakes. Buffalo is enjoying its bath in a creek on a hot summer day. Sometimes it is good to get a bit lost on the way to another destination and just to stop for a sunset in the middle of the fields. On the next day I was blessed with beautiful sunrise above Li river and karst mountains. I was privileged to visit the exact same spot as the image appearing on the back side of the 20 Yuan note, which is a view of a fisherman on his bamboo raft floating down the Li river through the spectacular karst peaks of Guilin. Cruises on Li river are very popular, so I boarded a bamboo raft a bit before sunset. Interesting fact that it is the most written about river in China, even more than well known Yangtze. As the sun went down, fisherman lighten his lantern up and prepares to sail back home. He fishes with cormorant birds, which dive into the water and catch a fish, returning it to the man. This is 1000 year old Chinese fishermen’s tradition. By the evening, when all the tourists return from their day of adventures back to their hotels, the town of Yangshuo becomes more lively. There are plenty of shops, restaurants, bars and clubs to spend your time and money on. At a dawn, clouds are coating peaks of the mountains. This is the best sunrise in China I have ever seen and the earliest I have ever woken up for (at 3 in the morning just to climb this hill). This trip definitely had one of the most impressive landscapes I have experienced in my life and I have never seen so many beautiful sunrises within just a single week. Authentic Chinese atmosphere, food, buildings and kind people can be found in the local villages. There are many shops of souvenirs, locally grown tea, cloth, etc. If you are a nature lover and like to take pictures you should be packing your luggage right now, because this experience is one of a kind.
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