Shanghai Disneyland Park

03 August 2017

Since I am a fan of Disney and was staying in Shanghai, I decided to visit their brand new Disneyland. Park opened on summer 2016, so I made it to its first anniversary. They say that Shanghai Disneyland has some fantastic rides, it’s big and well designed. I’ve tried it inside out.

Arriving experience:
Park is connected to the metro system, which is very convenient. We arrived a bit before opening time, 10 minutes to 8 AM. There was plenty of people waiting in long queues under the burning sun, as it was July, Shanghai’s temperature stood above 34° Celsius already in the morning. And this Disneyland doesn’t have any overhead protection. It took us 1 hour to go through a gate where they slowly check belongings and scan people with metal detectors. After this gate there is another gate where they check entrance tickets and do all the same scheme from previous gate. 2 hours were wasted, I baked myself in that heat but finally entered to the park.

Food and Drinks:
Let’s have some breakfast in bakery by main road. Quality of pastries are good but really pricey compared to the food in the city. Despite that there are lots of people and no place to sit. Here and there throughout the park they sell some snacks: popcorn and sausages; drinks: water and Coca-Cola. Choice is very limited for sure. The best place to go for lunch and dinner is Disneytown, which has lots of restaurants and it’s not crowded at all.

Queues and Fastpasses:
At 12 PM all the fastpasses for the day were already taken. We were lucky to get one for the rollercoaster Tron. Even with fastpass it took us 30 min of lineup to the ride. Otherwise wait time for Tron was 200 min and for some other attractions up to 300 min. For single rider is a bit faster, but still way too long. Most of the queues are not air-conditioned and people don’t respect personal space at all. Many try to cut the line. Some got into fight and delayed our waiting time.

From 10 am till 10 pm I was lucky to get on only 3 rides: Tron, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and Pirates of the Caribbean. Most spectacular is Pirates one, which will dive you to the scenes like in a movie. All attractions are very modern and thrilling.

Parade in Shanghai Disneyland is called Mickey’s Storybook Express, but I haven’t seen any Mickey, there was only Minnie. Parade is quite interesting to watch and it lasts for around 20 minutes. Schedule of the shows are not great, because many of them runs at the same frame of time. Live stage show Tarzan was very boring so I fell asleep or maybe I was just tired. In the end of the night spectacular fireworks at the castle showed truly Disney spirit, finally.

I’ve noticed that staff in Shanghai Disneyland are sad, negligent and without smile. Looks like they will all resign tomorrow. Park has poor attention to details, compared with other theme parks. All of this made me feel like I could have spent this day better in some other places. Let Chinese people enjoy something from the west even when it’s made in China.

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