In Shanghai

23 July 2017

It wasn’t really a dream for me to visit Shanghai, but I was tempted by its ancient charm with modern twist. It’s where glass and concrete meets with wood and brick; chinese culture meets with western economics. I’ve heard about this city a lot from advertisements in popular magazines, movies, as well as many celebrities visiting Shanghai and craving for their next trip. As the largest city in China and one of the most populous metropolis in the world Shanghai has become a global financial center, obviously. “So why not to visit?” - I thought.

Residents and tourists enjoying summer evening by Huangpu river, which flows through the central districts of Shanghai. Typical side streets in Shanghai have their own charm thanks to many architectural styles, structures and different built periods. Welcome to the Nanjing road - main shopping street of Shanghai. Around 1930 it was a bustling street with at least one reported casino. Nowadays there are no casinos, but massage salons and clothes shops. Captured this shot by crossing an overpass from People’s Square. City has extensive public transport system with 16 metro lines and a maglev train so I wasn't scared of traffic jams. In front are 2 towers of Shanghai International Finance Center and on the back is Shanghai Tower, which is the tallest building in Shanghai and the 2nd tallest in the world. As you may have noticed, you can see lots of patterns in the city. Look at this shot of Oriental Pearl Tower taken from the lobby of The Ritz-Carlton hotel. The Oriental Pearl Radio & TV Tower at night. The color design of its structure changes constantly. This city has lots of museums with interesting architecture. One of my favorite is Shanghai Science and Technology Museum. Drizzling is not a disturbance to walk around port area. From here and from The Bund you can observe famous skyline of the city. After the rain sunshine tries to come and bring rainbow. Sunset is not long to wait so we will go to Shanghai Tower’s observation deck to enjoy final day lights. View from the highest observation deck in the world (561 meters). Let's go down to the ground from tall skyscrapers. Yu Garden, built in 1577, features Ming dynasty pavilions, rockeries, bridges and ponds. Best time to visit Yu Garden is during weekday, so it will not be crowded and you can enjoy garden in an harmonious way. Shanghai is a city where I appreciated traditional Chinese and impressive modern architecture. Every time city was twisting perspectives of ancient and contemporary just like in this shot.
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