Hong Kong

Hong Kong anniversary fireworks

02 July 2017
On July 1st Hong Kong commemorates the Anniversary of the Establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region or the handover of Hong Kong from the United Kingdom to Mainland China that took place in 1997. The theme for the 20th Anniversary of Establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region is "Together, Progress, Opportunity". Celebrations of July 1st showcase not only this big fireworks, but also parades, flag-raising ceremonies, cultural performances, sports events and exhibitions. But not only celebrations are in the city this day. Some Hongkongers, who don't share Beijing's views, take part in annual protest rally originally held by the Civil Human Rights Front. Beautiful view of the fireworks display I have experienced from Braemer Hill with no big crowds around unlike huge ones in Central and Kowloon neighborhoods. This year fireworks event is the most expensive in Hong Kong since 1997 with an estimated cost of over US$ 1.5 million.
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