Who I want to be

29 September 2016

I have deleted all previous blog stories from my website just because I was not that person who I wanted to be. That’s why last few months I was convinced I lost but then I realized who the hell I am. Today I want to write here about who I want to be.

So I want to be someone who’s willing to forgive. I want to be someone who would give up everything for the right reasons. I want to be someone who sees the good in everyone. I want to be someone who cares more about other people than themselves. I want to be someone who can tell it like it is. I want to be someone who is a true friend. I want to be someone who always tries to be a better person and someone who learns from his mistakes. I want to be a person who encompasses all those things so I can finally be that happy guy who doesn’t need to do dumb things because I will know how to live all on my own.

Hi, I'm Anton! I've lived in Europe, Middle East, Asia, and recently I moved to South America. While global travel industry is on pause, I share memories from my past trips on Instagram, and can't wait to start posting in this blog about upcoming journeys. #StaySafe