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Guangxi province part 2

12 September 2017

After spending couple of days in Longsheng rice terraces I went to Yangshuo, a small town in the middle of the karst peaks, which is about 3 hours drive. Interesting fact that one single region has two more


Guangxi province part 1

09 September 2017

Guangxi is a Chinese region on the south of the country with a border to Vietnam. It is mostly located in mountainous area, which is very scenic, that’s why nowadays it’s a big tourist destination and paradise for photographers. The region has more

Beijing | China

Northern Capital

21 August 2017

After visiting China’s largest city, Shanghai, I went to check out its capital - Beijing, which translates as “Northern capital”. Soft sleeper bullet train took me overnight from one more


Shanghai Disneyland Park

03 August 2017

Since I am a fan of Disney and was staying in Shanghai, I decided to visit their brand new Disneyland. Park opened on summer 2016, so I made it to its first anniversary. They say that Shanghai Disneyland has some fantastic rides, it’s big and well more


In Shanghai

23 July 2017

It wasn’t really a dream for me to visit Shanghai, but I was tempted by its ancient charm with modern twist. It’s where glass and concrete meets with wood and brick; chinese culture meets with western economics. I’ve heard about this city more

Hong Kong

Hong Kong anniversary fireworks

02 July 2017

On July 1st Hong Kong commemorates the Anniversary of the Establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region or the handover of Hong Kong from the United Kingdom to Mainland China that took place in 1997. The theme for the 20th Anniversary of more

Hong Kong

Dragon Boat Festival

31 May 2017
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