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Mid-Autumn Festival Fireworks

30 September 2018
Cinque Terre | Italy

Italian Riviera

29 September 2018

After enjoying a day in the city of the Leaning Tower, Pisa, I went to the side of Cinque Terre in the region of Liguria, which is also known as the Italian Riviera. I’m sure you have heard about Cinque Terre many times, read articles in the travel more

Pisa | Italy

One day in Pisa

14 September 2018

When people talk about Italy, they mention food and architecture in the first sentence of the conversation. That’s true, that Italy has beautiful examples of architecture on every corner of the country. But even when something wasn’t more


Pont du Gard

27 August 2018

Apparently I was on the tour of bridges in the South of France. After visiting modern Millau Viaduct I went to the aqueduct Pont du Gard, constructed by Roman Empire more than 2000 years ago. This ancient masterpiece of engineering is worth a visit if you more


Millau Viaduct

17 August 2018

More than ten years ago I was watching documentaries on National Geographic about this bridge and I was amazed by its architecture. At that time I couldn’t imagine that I will ever visit this site, since it’s located deep inside the French more

Hanoi | Vietnam

Vietnamese capital

29 July 2018

Hanoi was my base for travels in Vietnam - from town of Sapa in the mountains to Halong Bay in the South China Sea. Being one of the most ancient capitals in the world, Hanoi got well-preserved French-colonial buildings, pagodas, unique historical museums, more


Halong Bay

04 July 2018

World famous Halong Bay attracts tourists from all over the world. Even if it takes 3 hours of the bus ride from the country's capital city Hanoi, people still come here in large groups. UNESCO inscribed some 1600 Halong Bay islands on the World more



30 June 2018

I chose to make my first visit to Vietnam in June, just to discover later that it’s a rainy season. Sapa, located in the mountains, is the highest town in Vietnam, famous for its rice paddies, mountains and gorgeous sceneries. This area is a UNESCO more

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