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Hong Kong

Bye Bye Hong Kong

15 September 2020

I lived in Hong Kong for 4 years, from 2016 until 2020, but it came time to say goodbye. So this is my farewell video to the more


Flying amid pandemic

02 September 2020

In August I was on 4 different flights of KLM between Paris, Hong Kong, Paramaribo and Amsterdam. Industry has certainly changed, but it’s still unclear how, because rules are adjusting on a daily basis. So what does it take to fly amid the global more

Provins | France

Medieval town of Provins

24 August 2020

Despite global disruption of travel this year, I was lucky enough to be in France and to visit surrounding areas of the Paris region. One of the towns, called Provins, that caught my eye is located 90 km (55 mi) from the French capital, which is perfect more

Hong Kong

Victoria Harbour Timelapse

09 August 2020

This timelapse I shot on Sony RX100 throughout July 2020 from various locations in Hong Kong, such as Central, Tsim Sha Tsui more

Hong Kong

Tian Tan Buddha

24 May 2020

While there are no tourists visiting Hong Kong during global pandemic, I decided it’s a perfect time to beat the crowds and visit the Big Buddha. It might be seen as a surprise that I only checked out this monument now, after almost 4 years of living more

United Arab Emirates

Empty Quarter

03 January 2020

Everyone who visits the United Arab Emirates love to go and check out the desert for obvious reasons. But what most tourists and even some residents don’t know is that deserts next to cities are not that extraordinary compared to the Rub Al Khali & more

Vendée | France

Puy du Fou

30 August 2019

In France I visited a rural theme park without any rides... and it was a fantastic experience, I even stayed there for 2 days. Puy du Fou is an historical theme park in Les Epesses, in the heart of the Vendée region, in Western France. It took me 4 hours more

Versailles | France

Night Fountains Shows

09 August 2019

While being in Paris, I got to know about special events in the gardens of Versailles Palace. It’s like a modern recreation of the great parties of Louis XIV. Every Saturday, in summer, gardens become alive at the fall of the night. So I took a more

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